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Knowledge Article Number 000220151
Description With the Summer '15 release you can now restrict or allow access to specific External Data Sources (EDS) with Permission Sets which includes ones created for Google Drive, Sharepoint, One Drive etc.  This needs to be taken into account when setting up Files Connect. This is an additional step in the process of setting up Files Connect using Permission Sets. The External Data Source access needs to be included in the Permission Set created for Files Connect.
Resolution To check this setting
  • After creating the EDS for Files Connect navigate back to Permission Sets and click the one you created previously for Files Connect.
  • Navigate to “External Data Source Access" and here select "Edit".
  • Add the External Data Source you created to the Enabled External Data Source column and Save
  • Return to the External Data Source used here and select "Validate and Sync" to refresh the Synchronization.

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