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Increase the Daily Single Email Message limit for your Organization

Knowledge Article Number 000220161

Available in Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer Editions

Note: The "Daily Single Email Message" limit is treated very similarly to the "Daily Mass Email" limit and is considered a "High Risk" feature by Salesforce Support. We understand that a limit increase may be necessary under certain conditions, but consider that Salesforce Support uses extreme scrutiny when reviewing these requests and we rarely approve permanent increases. 



Considerations for increase limits

  • We review each request independently and take all factors into consideration, including the limit being requested as well as the business reason provided.
  • We will not approve increase requests for Marketing purposes (New Product or Service Notifications, Sales Follow Ups, and so on).
  • We will consider realistic requests for emergency scenarios for organizations with a high number of User Licenses (for example: Product or Service Outages or Emergency Customer Communications).
  • Requests are only considered for Production organizations. We will not raise this limit for Sandboxes under any circumstances.
  • If a permanent increase is requested, please be prepared to provide an extremely strong business reason to accompany the request.
  •  In most scenarios, Upper Level Support will make the final decision on whether to approve/reject a Daily Single Email Message Limit increase. 


How to request a Daily Single Email Message limit

1. Have your System Administrator create a case with Salesforce Customer Support

2. In your request, include a detailed and strong business case or your request as well as the actual limit being requested.

3. Include your 
Organization's details (name and ID)

After we have received your case, we will review and respond to your request.

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