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Add default Schedules for current Products using data loader

Knowledge Article Number 000220167
Description How to update products with schedules via data loader?
1. Make sure that you have schedules enabled for your organization by following the article Enabling Schedules.
2. Make sure the "quantity scheduling enabled" and "revenue scheduling enabled" checkboxes are added to the product page layout.
3. Export Products2 (all fields)
4. Prepare a new csv file with the important fields below.

Id = Product id
QUANTITYINSTALLMENTPERIOD = Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly
NUMBEROFQUANTITYINSTALLMENTS = how many installment periods (number)
REVENUEINSTALLMENTPERIOD = Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly
NUMBEROFREVENUEINSTALLMENTS = how many installment periods (number)
ISACTIVE = True, False
Note: Please select between the available values where we have multiple options in the above sample.

5. Once prepared, import into Salesforce using "Update" in Dataloader.

For more information about Divide, Repeat, see: Default Product schedule behavior with examples.

See also, how to import product schedules for opportunity line items by clicking Inserting Opportunity Product Schedules (OpportunityLineItemSchedule) via the API


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