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Run reports filtered by current user

Knowledge Article Number 000220171
Description How to create a report filtered on a user look up field with current user (running user)
It is not possible to include the running user as a filter in reports. There is an idea posted on idea exchange

Reference Current User In Report

However the following workaround can be used:

1) Create a custom field with data type as formula on the object where the lookup field to user object is present 

Datatype:  Formula(Number,0)
Formula:  IF(Custom_Lookup_Field__c = $User.Id , 1 , 0)

do this for each of the Lookup(User) fields present on the object
2) Create a report with the Filter criteria 

Field: Custom Formula Field Name   Operator:  [equals]  Value: 1

So the field will evaluate to TRUE (1) on which ever record the running user and the lookup user field are same person. Hence those records alone will be returned.

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