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Why are my Matching Rules stuck in "Activating" state?

Knowledge Article Number 000220173
Description My Matching Rule is stuck in "Activating" status for a few hours now.
The click path is, from Setup, click Administration | Duplicate Management | Matching Rules
Resolution If you have defined a matching rule for Duplicate Management and it has been in “Activating” state for more than 24 hours the activation job is likely stuck.  
This matching rule will never fully activate so the activation process needs to be aborted and restarted.

Please contact Salesforce Support to have the activation process aborted.
When creating a case make sure you're including the Organization Id where you're seeing the issue and login access.

Note: After the issue is fixed by Salesforce support, please activate the rules one at a time, to ensure that one gets completed before another rule is being activated

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