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Create Multiple Opportunities on Lead Conversion

Knowledge Article Number 000220210
Description Is it possible to create multiple Opportunities upon Lead conversion, as only one Opportunity is created when a Lead is converted?
Resolution If there is a requirement to create multiple Opportunities upon Lead conversion, process builder must be used.

Use Case: ABC Phones deals with Electronic Gadgets and starting a new scheme where if a Lead purchases a Smart Phone, they can opt for free anti-virus software trial 6 months period.

ABC phones have a requirement for 2 opportunities - One for the smart phone sales and other one for following up of anti virus renewal after 6 months trial period.

So when a Lead has agreed on purchasing a Smart Phone and wishes to try the anti-virus, this information can be tracked by creating one more opportunity.

It is recommended to test this in sandbox or developer environment.

For this purpose we can have 2 custom fields created on Lead object.

1. Smart Phone purchase.
2. Trial Anti-virus

So when both check box is TRUE, two Opportunities must be created upon Lead Conversion

In order to achieve this, the following process can be setup:

1. Navigate to : Setup | Create | Process Builder.
2. Give the Process a name and description if needed. Hit Save.
3. Click on the ‘Add Object’ option and select ‘Lead’ in the ‘Find an object…’ dropdown. Start the process 'when a record is created or edited'. Hit Save.
4. We now need to ‘+Add Criteria’ for the process to trigger.  So click on ‘+Add Criteria’ and :

         a. Give it a Criteria Name.
         b. Set Filter Conditions to the following by adding two rows to select the fields :
[Lead].IsConverted Equals True
[Lead].6 months Trial Anti-virus Equals True

As we need the rule to trigger only when both the conditions meet, we will select ‘All of the conditions are met (AND)’ for ‘Filter Conditions’

Hit Save.

When the above condition is met (TRUE), we need to have two Opportunity records created.

1. Hence hit ‘+Add Action’ and select the ‘Action Type’ as ‘Create a Record’.  
2. Give the action a name and select object as Opportunities as you wish to create Opportunity record.
3. For Opportunity, the standard mandatory fields are Close Date, Name and Stage. We can add more variables (fields) as required
4. We can either give a static value to these fields or use Lead field values. To do this you click on the ‘pencil icon’ of ‘Value’  and click on the dropdown. Select a field from the Lead object and hit SAVE.
5. Once you have mapped the Opportunity fields, hit SAVE.

Repeat the above 5 steps to add another action for creating the 2nd Opportunity.

Activate the Process.

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