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Workflow Email Alerts on Person Accounts

Knowledge Article Number 000220212
Description How to create workflow email alerts on "Person Accounts"?.


While workflow email alerts for Person Accounts isn't a feature currently available, there is a workaround available that allows you to replicate the process.

1. Create a Custom Field (Data type Email)
2. We will use the value from the field but it is not required in page layout
3. So you can hide it from page layout so that other users do not have any confusion about this field
4. Create a workflow rule with evaluation criteria as "Every time a record is created and edited" with Field Update action to populate the custom field (created in step 1) with standard email field

Heads up - This method will work only for newly created records or when the record is edited. To trigger the method on earlier created records, you'll need to manually configure that action.

To help get this functionality added to Salesforce, you can up vote the idea on IdeaExchange.

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