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Share list view with specific users using Public Groups

Knowledge Article Number 000220215
Description Sharing a list view with a specific user can help ensure that the right person has the information that they need. While this isn't an option that's available by default, we can show you a workaround to accomplish this. 
1. Go to Setup | Manage Users | Public Group
2. Click New
3. Name the Public Group. 
4. Select Users under "Search" drop-down. 
5. Add the specific user you want to share the list view. 
6. Click Save

Once done, go to the list view and share it to the newly created Public Group.


1) We recommend that this be used as a temporary workaround. Managing several public groups with just 1 user becomes an overhead for the system administrator.
2) I
f "Grant Access Using Hierarchies" is selected, the manager of the member gets access to the list view shared to the Public Group intended for just the selected user

If this is a feature you'd like to see be made available without a workaround, we suggest that you up vote the Idea on IdeaExchange.

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