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SUCCESS INSIGHTS: How Salesforce Uses Knowledge

Knowledge Article Number 000220216
How Salesforce use its Knowledge product:
On every customer interaction, we leverage a dynamic repository of information, a knowledge base, where users can quickly find and view relevant content, known as articles.

Whenever a success manager doesn't find the article they need, they will contribute to the knowledge base content by curating content from our other sources: tribal knowledge, past documents, help & training, YouTube. Success Managers write the article they need, publish it internally and sent it for approval to a Knowledge Champion (aka Managing Editor) to have the article validated and published publicly.

Customers and partners can access publicly published articles via the Salesforce Community. They can also access these articles from a web search, when they are made part of the public knowledge base.

Why Salesforce uses its Knowledge product:
The product empowers Salesforce's Success Managers to resolve customer requests using a central, shared, consistent repository of contextual knowledge.

Success Managers can collaborate and enhance the companies shared knowledge on best practices and improving user adoption.

Salesforce runs reports on article usage and feedback to measure its success providing customers with the best recommendations possible. 

To learn more about how Salesforce's Customer Success team uses our Knowledge product, click here.

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