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Standard article fields are on article layout but not visible when viewing an article

Knowledge Article Number 000220230
Description Despite Modifying Article-Type Layouts and setting field-level security for a knowledge article standard fields including Article Number, Summary, Title, URL Name, Created By, Created Date, Last Modified by, and Last Modified Date fields they are still not visible when viewing an article's detail page in the user interface (UI).
Resolution This is expected behavior and by design based on the knowledge article life cycle process and underlying architecture.  See the Article documentation in the SOAP API Developer's Guide for more detailed information on the publishing life cycle and related knowledge objects for an overview.

Due to this unique architecture for knowledge it is expected behavior for users to see only the following details when selecting to "Show Properties" upon viewing articles:

  • First Published—Date and time the article was published originally.
  • Last Modified—Date and time of the last major or minor update to the article.
  • Last Published—Date and time of the last major update to the article. An author indicates a major update by flagging the article as new when it is republished.

The Article Number, Summary, Title, and URL Name standard fields do not display in the layout.

Authors can view the URL Name when they create or edit an article. The URL Name does not appear to end users viewing published articles.

Draft specific audit field details are also available via the UI when viewing or editing a draft article via the Article Management Tab via the User Interface via the Article Properties section and include Created By and Last Modified By details for the current draft.

These standard and additional Knowledge Article fields are available via Knowledge Reports. See Fields Available on Salesforce Knowledge Reports and Article Reports for more details.

An administrator may be able to leverage custom formula fields and/or workflows to populate created by and last modified by Name values for display. It is not possible to include the date/time components in the example workaround below using formula fields however, users can easily view the First Published, Last Modified, and Last Published date details by expanding the Properties section of the article detail page.

Created By:
HYPERLINK("/"&CreatedById,CreatedBy.FirstName&" "&CreatedBy.LastName)

Last Modified By:
HYPERLINK("/"&LastModifiedById,LastModifiedBy.FirstName&" "&LastModifiedBy.LastName)

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