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UNSUPPORTED_API_VERSION when login with Salesforce for Outlook

Knowledge Article Number 000220250
Description ISSUE:

UNSUPPORTED_API_VERSION. Invalid Api veriion specified in URL error pops up when trying to login to Salesforce for Outlook (SFO)
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The error will occur if the version of Salesforce for Outlook plugin that you have installed is part of the new release and the Salesforce org you are trying to connect to has not been updated yet. For instance, if Summer 2015 release has been deployed to your Sandbox org instance and not to your Production org instance and you downloaded the Salesforce for Outlook from your Sandbox org, you will be able to install the application but when try to login to Salesforce for Outlook with your Production credential, you will get this error.
Resolution To address this issue
- Check the version of SFO that you have installed on your computer - please see the What version of Salesforce for Outlook do I have installed? article for more information

- Compare the installed version with the version that is available to you on any org that you are trying to connect SFO to. For instance, if on your SFO Download page ( Your Name | My settings | Desktop Add-Ons | Salesforce for Outlook or 
Setup | Desktop Integration | Salesforce for Outlook) you see Download (Version X.X.X) and you have a greater SFO version installed on your machine then you need to uninstall whats installed on your computer and download and install the X.X.X version provided on this page. The installed version cannot be newer than the version that is available in your org - please see the Complete Uninstall install for Salesforce for Outlook

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