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Knowledge Article Number 000220261
Description How do I add goal details to the coaching page layout?
Resolution As a workaround to include goal information on the coaching page you can create a handful of custom fields on the Metric object.  The following steps will show you how to add the goal name in the metrics related list:

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1. Login as an Admin and got to Setup | Customize | | Goals

2. Click the New button under the Goal Custom Fields & Relationships section

3. Select Formula as the Data Type and hit Next

4. For Field Label enter Goal Name and click on the Field Name text-box to auto-populate a value

5. Select Text as a Formula Return Type

6. Enter the following formula and hit Next

7. Hit Next again then hit Save

8. Go to the Coaching tab

9. Select an existing Coaching relationship then click on the Edit Layout link

10. Click on the Wrench icon for the Open Metrics related list

11. Find the custom field you created and move it to the selected fields list then click OK

12. Save the layout

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