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Missing Edit button for Content

Knowledge Article Number 000220281
Description To help websites and webpages load faster, browsers will hold on to old information. If you're not seeing certain elements on a webpage that should be there, it could be due to the browser referencing the old stored information. You can fix this by clearing your browsers cache and cookies. 
Step 1: Complete closing or all browser before proceeding to Step 2
1. Close the browser completely so that no windows are open
2. Open the browser, do not login to salesforce

Step 2: Clearing Cache and Cookies for browser and configure the same

1. Clear Internet ExplorerChrome or Firefox browser cache and cookies.
2. Close the browser.
3. Open the browser.
4. Log in to Salesforce
5. Click on content file.  The Edit button should now appear for content. 

Additional steps for Internet Explorer:
Internet Options | Advanced | Click on "Restore Advanced Settings"
2. Click on "Reset" | OK

3. Close the browser.

If you still face issues with the button, please configure the browser by following the steps in the links provided below:

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