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SUCCESS INSIGHTS: Lightning Connect vs. Salesforce-to-Salesforce

Knowledge Article Number 000220312
Lightning Connect vs . Salesforce-to-Salesforce
Lightning Connect: Salesforce ConnectorSalesforce-to-Salesforce
  • Data is accessed by reference
  • Data access is through the API
  • Synched objects are read only in the subscriber
  • Provider can control the state of the data (the provider is the only true copy of the data)
  • All Objects that the user can see are supported
  • Most field types are supported
  • Some platform features (Workflow, Triggers, Validation Rules) are not supported
  • ​Data is copied between orgs
  • ​Data is accessed directly in each org separately
  • ​The receiving org can write to their data copy
  • ​Once the data is copied, they may become out of sync (requires two way sync)
  • ​Custom and Standard Objects are supported
  • ​Most fields types are supported
  • ​All platform features are supported (the records exist in the subscriber org)

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