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Change set upload results in Internal Server Error ID ending in (637934141)

Knowledge Article Number 000220322
Description An error "XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXX- (637934141)" may come up when uploading an Outbound Change Set from a sandbox to production or uploading to another sandbox. The "637934141" error number is consistent with every errors that will appear. The causes are the following:

- Reports, documents or email templates that are added as change set components are stored in a private folder

- Record Type components associated to a Person Account

- Language Translation components

To resolve the issue, you may:

- Remove the reports, documents or email templates from the Outbound Change Set before uploading or move them to a public folder

- Remove any Record Types components associated to Person Account

- Remove the Language Translation components

- Make sure that if the Custom app is the part of the change set that the associated Logo is not in the user's private folder.

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