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Knowledge Article Number 000220331
Description How to delete an inactive user from a cycle in progress?
Resolution To delete an inactive user from a cycle that has been started, follow the steps below:

1. Login to Workbench as an Admin using your Salesforce credentials

2. Select:
  • Environment: Production
  • API Version: 34.0
  • Agree to the terms and click the Login with Salesforce button
3. Select:
  • Jump to: SOQL Query
  • Object: WorkPerformanceCycle
  • Click the Select button
4. Enter the query below in the Enter or modify a SOQL query below box
SELECT Id,Name,State FROM WorkPerformanceCycle WHERE Name = 'Q1 Review'

Note: Replace 'Q1 Review' with the name of your performance cycle surrounded by single quotes
5. Click the Query button

6. Under Results, click Id and select the Update link

7. Change the State field value from Inprogress to Setup

8. Confirm the update

9. In Workbench, select Queries | SOQL Query and enter the query below:

SELECT FeedbackRequestState,FeedbackType,Id,RecipientId,SubjectId FROM WorkFeedbackRequest WHERE PerformanceCycleId = '0W7i0000000L0OnCAK'  AND FeedbackType = 'CycleManager' AND SubjectId = '005i0000001CHctAAG'

Note: Make sure to replace the PerformanceCycleId with the Id of your performance cycle and the SubjectId with the id of the subject that you would like to delete.

10. From the results, click on the Id, select the delete link and confirm the changes. The draft performance summary along with the self summary for the subject will be deleted from the cycle

Repeat step 4 to 8 and update the state of the performance summary cycle state back to Inprogress state

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