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How to change the child Account Owner when the parent Account Owner changed?

Knowledge Article Number 000220346
Description In an Account Hierarchy when Parent Account Owner is changed child account owner does not change.

Resolution This can be accomplished with the help of Process builder, below are the steps to achieve the same:

1) Go to Setup | Create| Workflows & Approvals| Process Builder
2) Click on New Process
3) Click on Object

Choose an object and specify when to start the process:
  • Object: Account
  • Start the process: when a record is created or edited
4) Click on Action

Define criteria for this Action Group:
  • Criteria for executing actions: Filter conditions are met
  • Set filter conditions are met: Account: OwnerId IsChanged True
  • Filter conditions: All of the Conditions are met
5) If True -> Immediate Actions

Update Records:
  • Enter Action Name
  • Object: Account: ChildAccounts
  • Set Object Variables: Owner ID - Reference - [Account].OwnerId
  • Save
6) Activate the process

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