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Users unable to login and no attempt registered in the login history

Knowledge Article Number 000220347
Description Newly created users may experience invalid login attempts when attempting to login. 

"Your login attempt has failed. The username or password may be incorrect, or your location or login time may be restricted. Please contact the administrator at your company for help"

When looking at the login history you can see that there are no login attempts registers against the affected user. 

If this user was creating through the API and not the standard UI, then it is possible the affected user has a trailing space appended to their username which results in a failed login attempt. 
Resolution Edit the affected users profile, click into the username field and remove the trailing space at the end of the affected user's username. 

Please Note: This issue will only occur when creating users through the API. When creating a list of the users in a csv file, if you add a space at the end of the username this space is not trimmed off, therefore any subsequent logins require the space to be added. 

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