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Add a Case Collaborator

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"Case Collaborators" are secondary contacts involved with Salesforce cases. Add a Case Collaborator so that other people in your company can help a primary case contact with receiving and responding to case email notifications.



Who can add a Case Collaborator?

Case Collaborators can be added by the primary case contact on the case (usually the person who opened the case) or by users in the organization who have been designated as a Help & Training Admin for the org. You can't add yourself as a Case Collaborator.


How to add a Case Collaborator

1. From your Salesforce organization, click Help & Training.
2. Click the Login icon Help & Training Login Icon | select My Cases.
3. Select the case to which you wish to add a collaborator.
4. In the "Search Contacts" field under "Case Collaborators," enter the name or email address of the new Case Collaborator, then click Add.


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