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Why does Available Sandboxes show I am using Full copies when I do not have any?

Knowledge Article Number 000220381
Description When an organization is using more sandboxes than it is allowed by license limits, Developer, Developer Pro, or Partial copy license overages will be applied to higher license types.

For example:
An organization is has a single Developer sandbox license. They have two Developer sandboxes in use. Their sandbox list page shows:

Developer: 0 Available (1 in use)  
Developer Pro: 0 Available (0 in use)
Partial Copy: 0 Available (0 in use)
Full: 0 Available (1 in use)

The license showing under "Full" is the extra Developer sandbox. In the list of sandboxes it is still showing as a Developer copy.

This happens because the higher license type can be used to create a lower sandbox - For example, a Full sandbox license can be used to create a Developer copy. If there are no free licenses for higher version sandboxes, the excess sandbox will display under the highest level license type - Full.

Resolution Check the quantities of sandbox licenses for each type in your production organization. Count the number of sandboxes of each type in use.

If you have exceeded your available sandbox licenses, you should delete sandboxes or refresh excess sandboxes to lower types until you are in compliance with your sandbox licenses. Otherwise, you will be unable to refresh any sandbox.


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