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Identifying CTI adapters built using the CTI Toolkit

Knowledge Article Number 000220382
Description End of support for the CTI Toolkit took place with the Spring ‘15 release, in February 2015. We no longer offer support for CTI adapters built with the Toolkit.
Resolution To verify if your are using a CTI adapter based on the legacy Toolkit or using Open CTI navigate to Setup | Customize | Call Center | Call Centers.  Here check for any installed Call Centers that have a version such as 3.000 or 4.000 in the Version column. These will be built using the Salesforce CTI Toolkit that needs the installation of a C++ program on the users local machine.  

Adapters that have no version number or do not show in the Call Center area of setup will be built based on Open CTI or API integration. For support of CTI check with the vendor that created the integration.

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