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Why does the "Update Status" option not work when trying to update my Campaign Member Statuses?

Knowledge Article Number 000220386
Description I'm trying to update the Campaign Member status values but even if the page says that I have successfully updated the status of the member the value it's not changing.

The steps to see this issue are:
1. Open any Campaign.
2. Click the Manage Members button and select the "Edit Members - Search" option.
3. Check the member(s) I want to have updated.
4. I click the Update Status button and select the status: "A & B".

I receive the message saying that the member has been successfully updated but you can see in the list that it is still showing a different value.

If I open a Campaign Member details page and manually update the value from the record the issue doesn't appear and the value is successfully updated.

Why is this happening?
Resolution This is currently a limitation in the Manage Members page when using the Update Status option. Special characters (e.g. &, + ...) are not recognized and may result on unexpected behavior when trying to update the Status of a Member.

We would recommend you to avoid using such characters and amend the Campaign Member Statuses accordingly. For example, use "A and B" instead of "A & B".

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