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Post labels are missing on the social post in Social Customer Service

Knowledge Article Number 000220404
Description When I check the social post record in Service Cloud created through the Social Hub Integration, why are post labels missing?
Resolution Post labels (formally called Post tags in Radian6) can be missing on the social post record, when manually creating the case/social post through Social Studio Engagement macros, prior to the social hub picking up the post and adding post label first. When you have a community team in Social Studio quickly actioning new posts and adding new workflow, this is a strong possibility. 

Workflow on the social post, such as post labels, should be added prior to creating as a social post in Service Cloud, so it is included in the social post details. The workflow will still show in Social Studio whether it is added before or after creating into Service Cloud, but it will not be included on the social post details in Service Cloud.

If you see the workflow(eg: Post label) was added to the social post prior to creating into Service Cloud, please notify Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support team to investigate further.

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