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How to capture first email (outbound) response date on case

Knowledge Article Number 000220431
Description How to capture first email (outbound) response date on case?

Resolution Use Case - Some support organization might be interested in measuring the time from first responded to closed. In those instances the below mentioned solution can be helpful.

This workflow rule and field update allows you to measure and track your first response
1. Create a custom date/time field on Case object and name it as First Response.
2. Next, if Email-To-Case is not enabled, then please enable by going to Setup->Case->Email-To-Case.  You don't even have to activate any routing addresses.
3. Now, create a workflow rule which will update field created in step 1:

Setup->Create->Workflow & Approvals->Workflow Rules
1. Click on New Rule then select object as Email Message.
2. Set Evaluation Criteria as ‘created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria ’
3. Rule Criteria would be ‘Email Message: Is Incoming equals False’ AND ‘Case: First Response equals null’
4. Add field update. Select Field to Update as First Response (Created in Step 1)
5. Select ‘Use a formula to set the new value’ and add formula as ‘NOW()’
6. Save and Activate the workflow rule.

              Once you activate this workflow rule, your First Response field will begin getting stamped immediately for the new records, and you can start reporting on it.

              Note that if you are using the Customer Portal or Self-Service Portal or you are responding to your customers would be via a public Case Comment.  You can use a similar workflow to stamp your First Response field from a Case Comment -- just set the object on the workflow rule to Case Comment instead of Email Message.

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