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Can I send Emails out of Salesforce1?

Knowledge Article Number 000220436
Description When sending emails with the Salesforce1 hybrid application, the application itself does not send emails.  Due to the architecture of Mobile Operating Systems, emails are always sent via the mobile email client set on your device, unless you are sending an email from the Case object. This is true across Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry.  

Some things to keep in mind:
  • When sending emails from the native device, you can't use Salesforce Email Templates found in the Full Site.
  • Emails sent are not sent out of Salesforce and so they are not tracked/logged the same way other emails from the Full Site.
  • Sending an email is not automatically added to the record in Salesforce1.
  • The email button cannot be disabled, but will not display if the record does not contain an email address
Resolution Workarounds:
  • Users can use the Email to Salesforce Address to log the emails into Salesforce.  More information on this functionality can be found here.
  • Users can set up Salesforce for Outlook and sync their emails from their phone into Outlook, which in turn can use Salesforce for Outlook to sync them into Salesforce.  More information on this functionality can be found here.

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