Print this page (Clean / Prospecting) - Annual Revenue Not Populating to Account Record In Some Cases

Knowledge Article Number 000220454
How This is Encountered:

All of the following must be true: 
  1. Multi Currency (MUST be enabled - With the US Currency as an option) 
  2. Target record MUST be in US Currency 
  3. Target record MUST be HQ Location 
  4. Account record must be sourced or matched by ( key populated) 

Why This Occurs:
In some cases we have found that if all of the above = True, the currency is still not populating as expected due to the way we parse french currency when US is expected.
* No resolution at this time

Suggested Workarounds:

Customers who have 'Premium' Clean or Prospector (access to the D&B Company object), as a workaround can perform one of the following tasks: 
  • Create a cross object formula field which will display the revenue from the D&B record (note: Conversion to native currency will not happy in this case) 
  • Create a trigger to update Annual Revenue if Annual Revenue on D&B Record is 'Different' than annual revenue on Account record.

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