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How do I update the WON field on opportunity, as to use it in Reports?

Knowledge Article Number 000220469
Description When creating an Opportunity Report, several fields are available, which are set based on other values.

On Opportunity Field we can find the following fields related to an Opportunity:

Has Products
Is Split

Resolution Has Products: True when the Opportunity has products attached
Is Split: True when an Opportunity Split is set for an Opportunity (Even if the Split is just for one Team member)

Closed and Won fields:
These fields are controlled by the Opportunity Stage field, when you look at the different fields associated with a Stage setting, one of the columns is Type. You can set the type to Open, Closed/Won, Closed/Lost.

For any Opportunity, with a Stage Type: Closed/Won, the Check-box field WON will be set, just as CLOSED.
The other way around, you would find all Closed/Lost Stage Types, by searching for the CLOSED, but not WON

So the three combinations Open, Closed/Won, Closed/Lost, are as follows:

Stage TypeClosedWon

(You should never find CLOSED false, WON true, since Open cannot be WON)

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