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How to get Last Activity Date on the object's detail page layout

Knowledge Article Number 000220475
Description Please follow these steps to get Last Activity Date on the object's detail page.

Please note that the field is not available for all Objects. You can check the following API Guide to see if the field is available for the object you need.
Resolution As a best practice do the testing in a developer environment or a sandbox.

The solution would be to create a Custom Field on the object in which you would like to get the last activity date. (Example: Lead)

1. Click on your Name | Setup | Customize | Leads | Fields
2. Click on ‘New’ under ‘Lead Custom Field and Relationships
3. Select the Data Type as ‘Formula’ and click next.
4. Choose output Type as "Date" and Enter the Field label of your choice (example 'Last Activity Date" ) Then Next.
5. Enter the formula as given below:
a) Click on Advanced Formula 
b) Click on Insert Field
c) Choose Last Activity field (API Name: LastActivityDate) then click on Insert button.
d) Check Syntax then Next
e) Select the visibility of this field for various profiles.
f) Add it to the Page Layout where the field should be visible and click Save.

Result : You can track the last activity date on the record detail page layout.

Note : To verify the last activity date please check the open Activity history last activity to confirm the same.


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