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Exporting report details to Excel results in a HTML file

Knowledge Article Number 000220483
  • After pressing the button [Export Details] on each Report, you will be asked to choose the export format between CSV or Excel.
  • When a user chooses Excel, he may find that the exported xls file is NOT a real Excel file.
  • The file is only a HTML file, can be opened in a Browser. 
  • When users open it from Excel, they will find that both the Date & Numeric columns are NOT able to sort in Descending or Ascending sequence correctly.
  • The system cannot be recognize/interpret the Date/Currency/Numeric columns. Instead, the system interprets all the columns as characters, which affects all the sorting and filtering.
  • Even if we highlight the columns in the Excel and change its properties into Date/Currency/Number, also cannot change the fact.
Resolution The easiest solution for this issue is to export the report in .csv format. As a best practice, select the format “UTF-8” in excel, as it covers almost all non-western characters.

Additionally, we suggest promoting the feature request on the Idea Exchange. 

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