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Establish button is missing on Opportunity Products

Knowledge Article Number 000220558
Description Even after enabling "Quantity Schedules" and "Revenue Schedules" under Schedule setup, customer is unable to see establish button on newly created Products.
Resolution In order for Establish button to be available on Opportunity Product, either "Quantity Scheduling enabled " or  "Revenue Scheduling enabled" should be checked in the Product.

If you are not able to see "Quantity Scheduling Enabled" and "Revenue Scheduling Enabled" check boxes while creating the Product it means these two fields are not added to the page layout. 

Steps to add fields to the Page Layout:

Go to setup -->Customize-->Products-->Page Layout-->Click on Edit besides the page layout name-->Drag and Drop Quantity Scheduling Enabled and Product Scheduling Enabled-->Click on Save
You may need to edit the Field Level Security for the fields to make them visible after adding them to the page layout.

Once done check on the checkbox in the Product as per the requirement and Establish Button should then be visible in the Opportunity Product.

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