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Targeted Custom Audience doesn't show in Advertising Campaigns for a new Campaign

Knowledge Article Number 000220604
While you build a Facebook Campaign, you may not see the Custom Audience that you're trying to target in Advertising Campaigns. Performing a manual synchronization immediately pulls through any newly created Audiences. 

An automatic synchronization runs each hour. A Facebook Ad Account synchronization pulls through the following the objects associated to an Ad Account and profile: 
  • Custom audiences
  • Facebook pages you are an admin of
  • Facebook apps you are an admin of
  • Facebook pixels and their statuses 
  • Partner categories
  • Behaviors 

To perform a manual Ad Account synchronization:

1. In Advertising Studio Campaigns, click Administration.
2. Click Facebook Accounts.  
3. Click the relevant Facebook account.
4. Click Synchronize.
5. Click Synchronize again.

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