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In Communities, clicking 'Contact Support' button is unresponsive and a Case is not created

Knowledge Article Number 000220621
Description Example steps to reproduce:

1. Login 
2. Toggle to your Community
3. Click on “Contact Support” 
4. Enter info for Case submission and click "Submit" 

Page may flash, but does not complete submission and you remain on the page 

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Resolution If there are required Fields for the Case that are not included in the create case Action used in the Community Template, this issue will occur. 

Fields included on the Action Layout must be exposed either on the layout of the Action or as pre-defined fields. 
Alternatively, you may make the Fields no longer required.

It is also possible that even if the Fields are in the Action layout and made required,  however the Field Level Security for the Field is "Read Only" for a profile, It will have a similar scenario, No error message or unresponsiveness is observed, and no cases is created.

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