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How to get the values for 'Forecasting Type:API Name' when creating a report on Custom opportunity field forecast?

Knowledge Article Number 000220640
Description When creating a custom opportunity field forecast you can follow the steps create a Forecasting customer report type and Forecasting report in the Collaborative Forecast Implementation Guide

To find out what the possible names are for "Forecasting Type: API Name", use the following method to build a Report, you would need to have setup a Custom Report Type for Forecasting already Create a Forecasting Custom Report Type
Resolution Create a new report from a custom report type with Forecasting Items

1. In the Preview Pane: Use the Remove all columns, to clear the preview
2. From the Fields Pane: drag the Forecasting Item ID into the Preview Pane
3. From the Fields Pane: drag the Forecasting Type: API Name into the Preview Pane
4. In the Preview Pane: 
Hover over the column name for Forecasting Type: API Name, click on the arrow and select Group by this field
5. In the Preview Pane: Under Show, deselect Details
6. In the Filters Pane: Set the Date filter Range to show All Time
7. In the Filters Pane: Set Show to All forecasting items

When you now run your report you will get a list of "Forecasting Type: API Name"s


Forecasting Type: API Name: Opportunity_00N20000003WSsL_Revenue (523 records) 
Forecasting Type: API Name: Opportunity_00ND000000399Cz_Revenue (533 records) 
Forecasting Type: API Name: OpportunityLineItemRevenue (603 records) 
Forecasting Type: API Name: OpportunityRevenue (529 records) 

The two first ones, reference the ID of the Custom Field, on which you based your Custom Opportunity Field Forecasts

To know which ID pertains to which field , browse to your custom field, and check the ID as shown in the address bar of your browser

This API name can be used to build the report further

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