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Getting Started with Goals (Summer '15)

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Goals Overview Goals make it easy to define, track, and measure your work. Goals also makes it easy to align your entire company in the same direction with key company goals and to collaborate with colleagues around shared goals. By adding metrics to your goals, you can calculate the progress toward achieving your goals. You can also link metrics to data in your favorite reports to make it easier to keep track of the work you do in Salesforce. 



1. Getting Started 

For a full overview of Goals, visit Goals Overview in the Salesforce Help. For more information on how to set up Goals, see the Admin Guide


2. Key Features 

Track your progress with Metrics 

Add metrics to your goals to track progress. It’s a best practice to add a quantitative metric, but you have the ability to add qualitative metrics as well. As you work on your goal, you can also flag and comment on status to collaborate around achievement of the goal.


Link Metrics to Reports
You can update the metric manually or link the metric to data in your favorite reports to make it easier to keep track of the work you do in Salesforce. Linking metrics to reports will allow you to refresh the metrics from the reports with the click of a button. 

To link a metric to a report:

1. Click Edit on a metric's detail page. 

Note: Only metrics with the Progress record type can be linked to reports. Completion record types are not supported.

2. Under the Current Value field, choose to update the field from a Salesforce report.

3. Select the report from the drop-down you would like to link the metric to.
Note: Reports listed here are recent reports you’ve run.

4. Select the field from the report you want to use.

Field to link a metric value to a report

5. Click Save.

Share and Collaborate with the Goal Feed 
You can post files to the goal feed for discussion or thank collaborators for their help. The updates you make on metrics will be also be automatically posted to the goal feed so that collaborators are kept in the loop. Additionally, administrators can customize the goal feed with custom actions for the publisher.

Chatter feed on a goal's detail page

Stay on track with Tasks and Events 
Add granular tasks to track and communicate the specifics of what you and people collaborating on the goal need to do to move the needle on the metrics. You can also add events to track the meetings you’ve had to achieve the goal. 

You can view open tasks and events from the Open Activities related list on a goal detail page. You can view completed tasks and events from the Activity History related list. For more information about creating tasks and events, see Considerations in Using Tasks and Considerations in Using Events

List of events and tasks related to a goal

Personalize your goal
When creating or editing a goal, users will have the ability to personalize their goal with a goal image. 

Inspire with Key Company Goals administrators and users who have been granted access have the ability to create Key Company Goals. Create key company goals to give everyone in your organization visibility into a company-wide goal.


Align Goals Together
Align goals to ensure that everybody knows how their goals are contributing to overall company goals so that the entire company is moving in the same direction.

Parent goals and subgoals related lists

Goals in Salesforce1
Goals is available from the Salesforce1 navigation menu and on user records. The Goals object is automatically included in the Recent section of the Salesforce1 navigation menu, but users may need to tap Show More to see the item.


For more information on goals, see Goals Overview in the Salesforce Help. 

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