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Assign Topics to Articles

Knowledge Article Number 000220666
Description With topics on articles, you can classify and search articles by assigning topics. Topics can be added from the article view and
detail pages.

Note: Topics are only supported in English.

Suggested topics are terms extracted from the article, so that they are more concrete and precise than a data category assignment.
When searching, topics can be used to index the article, so the matched articles are more relevant to keyword searches. Topics
for articles is set for each article type. To enable topics for articles:
1. Go to Setup > Customize > Topics > Topics for Objects.
2. Click on the article type name where you want to enable topics.
3. Check Enable topics.
4. Select which fields you want to use for suggestions.
5. Click Save.
6. Via profile or permission set, under System Permissions, define which users can assign, create, delete, and edit topics.

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