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Nothing occurs or an error is encountered when users select to download attachments

Knowledge Article Number 000220689

Trying to download a attachment from my cases there are three things that occur in different instances:

1) Select attachment and nothing happens

2) Attachment tries to download but then a error is shown to contact Salesforce Support

3) PDF Viewer or Microsoft application pops up stating that the document is corrupted or unable to be processed


In the Spring '14 release, Salesforce introduced the "File Upload and Download Security" security controls setup page. If a file uploaded with a specific mime type differs from the file's extension it will not be processed as the mime type specified on upload.

To resolve this behavior navigate to Setup, File Upload and Download Security | Click "Edit" for ".html, .acgi, .htm, .htx, .shtm, .shtml" and set it as "Hybrid"

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