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Validation Rule does not trigger when changing Territory

Knowledge Article Number 000220691
Description When editing the Territory of an Opportunity record, the changes will be saved regardless if the record met a validation rule criteria.
Resolution This can be reproduced on Organizations with Territory enabled by following the steps below:

1. Create a validation rule that makes a field/s required
2. Open an Opportunity record that meets the validation rule criteria 
3. Click "Change" beside the Territory field and select any value
4. Click "Save"

This is working as designed as the Territory field is set as "Read Only" and cannot be modified on "Edit" mode.
Any changes in the Territory field will not trigger the validation rule as this is not considered as "Edit" on the record but just an assignment of Territory.
When "Edit Layout" is clicked, the field Territory will not be visible in the layout edit mode.
But in record detail page the field will be visible.

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