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How can a formula field be overridden?

Knowledge Article Number 000220799
Description Is it possible to overridden a formula field based on certain condition?
Resolution Formula are read-only. There is no way to directly overridden them. However there is a workaround to overridden formula field.

Use Case - A sales organization can be interested in calculating commission amount but allow overridden the same on certain case.

In this article we are considering a field called Commission_Amount__c. So this field will calculate the commission amount as 5% of opportunity amount. So the formula field will be having the formula as Opportunity.Amount * .05
  1. Create a new field, called Commission Field Override. Make it a currency field
  2. Create a formula field called Commission Amount with the following formula

If the Commission Field overridden is populated, it will just display that value directly. Otherwise the value will be derived from formula Opportunity.Amount*.05

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