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Why can't I see Google Maps when accessing Salesforce from certain countries?

Knowledge Article Number 000220836
Description What is the change in Summer '15?
 Maps in Salesforce are provided as a third party service.  As such, certain restrictions imposed by the service provider must be enforced.  Google Maps currently prohibits distribution of maps to these territories.  Any users accessing Salesforce from prohibited territories will not see Google Maps displayed.

NOTE: This can affect both Salesforce via desktop browsers and Salesforce1.

What this means for you as a user?
Starting in Summer '15, if a user attempts to try and access Google Maps from any of the listed areas (determined via originating IP address), will omit those results from any page or access point. This restriction will be enforced on a request by request basis rather than logic applied at org level based on home country i.e. 
Resolution This is the direct link to the Google Restricted Countries / Territories:

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