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Parameters for the custom Data Extract type "gzip" in Marketing Cloud Email

Knowledge Article Number 000220855
From the SSIS package, GZIP compresses or decompresses a single file. Here's a description of each Parameter: 

CompressIf this is checked, the file will be compressed. If it is not checked, the file will be decompressed. 
IsFileInSafeHouseIf checked all compress/decompress activities will take place in the safehouse. If not checked, then they will take place in the FTP.
FolderFolder under root directory. This can be left blank. The package takes care of leading and trailing so they can be included or excluded. 

When a file is compressed: .gz is added to the filename and the uncompressed file is deleted (Data.csv  Data.csv.gz). The file location doesn't change. 

When a file is decompressed: .gz is removed from the filename and the compressed file is deleted (Data.csv.gz  Data.csv). The file location doesn't change.

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