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Is it possible to set the task due date to reflect the actual completion date

Knowledge Article Number 000220862
Description Currently the system doesn't log when the task is complete and there is no change to the due date of the Task when the status is changed to completed? How to mark a task with the actual day it is Completed?
Resolution The work around for this would be to create a custom field date field on tasks and then create a workflow with a field update to time stamp the date the task status is changed, this would be done by going to:

Setup> Customize> Activities> Activity Custom Fields
  • Click New
  • Select the Date field
  • Clicked next
  • Naming the field (Completed Date), click Next
  • Selected the field as read only and save.   

To create the workflow you would go to:
  • Setup> Create> Workflow & Approval
  • Clicked Workflow Rules
  • Click the New Rule button
  • Select the Task Object, click next
  • Name the workflow rule
  • Set to evaluate when the record is created and every time it is edited to subsequently met the criteria
  • Set the criteria to:                       
                                      Field: Status 
                                      Operator: Equals 
​                                      Value: Completed 
  • Then click Save and Next
  • In immediate actions
  • Click the drop down Add Workflow Action and select Add Field update
  • Name the field update
  • Click the field drop down and select the custom field (Completed Date)
  • Select to update with a formula and then added the formula TODAY(),
  • Click Save, and click Done.

Once the Workflow is Activated the Tasks will be time stamped when there status is Completed.

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