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Difference between Agent Console, Sales Console and Service Console

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Description Salesforce provides various types of Console to display records and related records with fewer clicks and without switching back and forth between screens.

Below mentioned are the comparison between different console:
Comparison Table Of Console
DetailAgent ConsoleSalesforce ConsoleSalesforce Console for SalesSalesforce Console for Service
What is it?The Agent console in the console tab uses frames to combine a list view and related records into one screen so you can access more information at a glance and with fewer clicks. You can set up the Agent console to display the information most important to your work according to your business needs.The console’s dashboard-like interface reduces clicking and scrolling so that you can quickly find, update, or create records. Use a console to easily access data and features you use most. For example, support agents can use multiple applications at once and keep the context of cases as priorities change. Sales reps can immediately contact leads, assess companies, identify key contacts, and access sales intelligence. You can set up a console for service or salesThis is a console which is designed for Sales organizationThis is a console which is designed for Service organization
Permission/License NeededNoneDepends on whether org is opting for 'Salesforce Console for Sales' or 'Salesforce Console for Service' or both‘Sales Console’ Permission Set License‘Service Cloud User’ Feature License 
Setting upSet upSet upSet upSet up
NoteThe Console tab is the first-generation customer service console, but the Salesforce console exceeds its capabilities and offers agents more productivity tools. With Spring ’15, the Agent Console are not provided to new organizations; however old Orgs would continue to be able to use this console.---
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