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URLs populated by an attribute don't populate links clicked in Marketing Cloud Tracking

Knowledge Article Number 000220900
Website URLs can be stored in an email attribute and you can use that attribute as a substitution string in the email to populate the URL data at the time of send. If the substitution string is not indicated as a URL, the code does not wrap the link with tracking code in order to populate in the job send tracking.
To ensure the link shows in tracking, indicate the attribute substitution string as a URL link. In the following example, the attribute name has been created as URL.
1. In your email, click either Create Content or Edit Content.
2. In the "Edit Content" window, click Personalization | click URL.
%%URL%% is added to the content edit area.
3. Highlight %%URL%% and click the link icon.
4. Click your cursor into the Link URL field and select the personalization icon to the right of the field.
5. Select the URL personalization attribute.
6. Adjust the Link Tooltip and Tracking Alias fields as needed.
7. Click OK.

Following these steps results in the text in the email to display the full URL in the email body.  If you prefer it to be a section of text, enter the text, highlight it, and start at step 5. 

If you are using Paste HTML, indicate the URL attribute substitution string as the value of the href tag:  "<a href=%%URL%%>"

Note: If the link in the attribute already contains http://, use "Other" in the link type drop down in the "Insert Link" screen so it is not added twice. In this situation, http:// is added twice if you select "Website" as the link type.

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