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Unable to activate any Process: Error ID: 533342189-4925 (1952119784)

Knowledge Article Number 000220922
Description This article details why you get an internal server error when creating a Workflow or a Process in an Org.
Sample Error ID is 1123896422-30838 (1952119784).

**Note that the part of the error id that does not change is the one within the parentheses
Resolution You are getting this error because your organization has hit the limit on the maximum number of workflow rules per object. You have two options to resolve this:

1) You can deactivate the workflows that are not needed in your Org, please make sure that you do not have more than the current limit that you have.
2) You can request to have this limit increased in your org. Please refer to this article for more information about this request: Increasing Maximum Number of Workflow Rules Per Entity

You can also refer to this article for more information about Workflow and Approval Limits: 

Note - The same applies to production environment as well. Key here is the error ID (1952119784)

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