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Manage email - get email to work to your advantage

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Email can seem like just another task added to your already full plate. We’ll show you how to set up email and how to implement features, like accessing email from a lookup field, to make email a tool that helps simplify your life!


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Get started with Salesforce for Outlook - To get started with Salesforce for Outlook review our in-depth guide that covers everything from syncing basics, system requirements, customizing Salesforce for Outlook and much more!

Access email from a lookup field - (video) Learn about accessing the email field on a lookup object in a workflow that is based on a child object.  Salesforce for Outlook image

Set up Salesforce for Outlook - Learn how to set up Salesforce for Outlook, and how to fix common problems.

Email limitations - If you're organization sends a lot of email , make sure you know what the email limitations are. That way you can avoid running into problems with sending emails.

Fix email delivery issues If you're getting reports that email isn't being received or that your users are having problems sending email, check out the troubleshooting steps that have been proven to fix even the most stubborn delivery problems.

Video Resources

Learn about sync DirectionsUse Side panel with Outlook
Sync directions videoSide panels with Outlook

Trailhead sign imageWant even more information? If you've got a real thirst for knowledge, the Salesforce Trailhead is what you're looking for. These in-depth resources let you pick your level and can be done on your own time.

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