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Why don't I get the results I expect when I do a blank Lookup Search on a field?

Knowledge Article Number 000220986
Description Most object-specific lookup searches (e.g. Case, Account, Custom Object) will return at most 250 results.  For Campaign, the lookup is limited to 100 results.

When users perform a blank lookup search, the results may not include an expected record in the list of recently used records, despite the record being one of the most recently accessed.
This occurs because the list of recently accessed records is ordered by their first-accessed date and not last-accessed date.

There are variations in how Lookup Dialog Search​ operates for different objects however, if a user's list of recently accessed records for a given object exceeds the results limit (e.g. 250, 200 for filtered lookups, or 100 for Campaign), an expected recently accessed record may not be returned in the blank lookup's results.

Workaround: Add one or more search terms to the search to make the lookup search more restrictive, so that it returns fewer results than the lookup limit for that object.

Consider promoting the following Idea so that we may see this expected behavior and functionality changed with a future release:
All show all records in lookup search

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