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Administer Salesforce - Add users, troubleshoot login problems and customize

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Being a Salesforce Administrator means that you'll need to be able to know how to perform a wide variety of tasks. We'll make sure that you know some of the most in demand skills. 

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Administer Salesforce - Get a high level understanding of what it takes to be a Salesforce Admin, and how to perform some basic admin tasks.

Add and manage users - Learn how to add single and multiple users to Salesforce. Add users image

Create custom fields - Learn how to create a custom picklist field, from choosing the correct field type to applying field level security.

Need help logging in? - If your users can't sign in, send this this helpful video to get them on their way.

Deactivate users - Make sure you know what to expect and what information will be lost and what will be retained. 

Person Accounts - Get a summary of Person Accounts expected behavior and how they're different from Business Accounts.

Video resources

Manage users and troubleshoot login issuesCustom fields
Manage and troubleshoot users videoCustom fields video

Trailhead sign imageWant even more information? If you've got a real thirst for knowledge the Salesforce Trailhead will be what you're looking for. These in-depth resources let you pick your level and can be done on your own time.

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