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How do I limit users from selecting languages in their Personal Settings?

Knowledge Article Number 000220993
Description Users are able to change the Language field in their personal settings by following these steps:

My Settings | Personal | Language & Time Zone ('
Enable Improved Setup User Interface' Enabled)
Setup | Personal Setup | My Personal Information | 
Personal Information | Edit and modify the 'Language' ('Enable Improved Setup User Interface' Disabled)

This depends on the Displayed Languages Found under Language Preferences in Language Settings:

Setup | Company Profile | Language Settings

Is there a way to limit the languages that they can select from their personal settings?

To modify the displayed languages that you want to limit your organization's users to, please follow these steps:

Step 1) Setup | Company Profile | Language Settings | Add or remove languages from the Available Language list 

User-added image

Step 2) In the 'Displayed Languages' list select the undesired languages and click the remove button.

**Please Note: If you notice a language that is in gray, that means that there are users that are using that language in their personal settings. In order to remove these unwanted languages, the language settings for these users will have to be changed. This could be done by the users themselves or users with the appropriate level of access. 

Step 3) Click Save.

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