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Creating New Case Results in Unable to Access Page error

Knowledge Article Number 000221029
Description When going to the cases tab and populating the Contact Name this will automatically populating the account name. In certain scenarios this is causing an "Unable to Access Page" error.

Check to see if the following is true:

1) Go to Setup/Customize/Contacts/Search Layouts
  • In the "Lookup Dialogue" search layout see if only the Contact Name is selected
2) Go to Setup/Customize/Search/Search Settings
  • Make sure that "Enhanced Lookups" is turned off for Contacts
Resolution This has been found to be because of the lookup search dialogue box only containing one field in the search. To workaround this one you can do one of the following:

1) Add another field such as email to the lookup search layout.
2) Enable Enhanced Lookups on contacts.

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