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Why am I getting 2 options for standard objects when adding a cross filter in the report?

Knowledge Article Number 000221083
Description When a standard report is created (e.g. Accounts) and a cross filter is applied for standard child objects (e.g. Contacts, Cases), there appears to be more than one selection even if there are no custom objects of the same name. 
Resolution This happens when a custom look up field on the child object is created that rolls up to the account.

If account has a roll up field based on a custom lookup field on contact then you can follow the below steps:

1. Go to any standard report type (e.g Accounts) 
2. On the report builder, click "Add" on the panel on top and select "Cross-filter"
3. Set the operator to equals. On the third drop down, look for the related object and you might notice that you will see 2 "Contacts" on the list. 

Note: There is no custom object of the same name.

To remove the additional selection, you can delete the custom field but make sure that you back up your data to ensure there is no data loss. 

To delete the field: 

1. Click Setup > Customize > {Object that shows as duplicate on the report builder e.g., Contacts}
2. Fields 
3. Look for a custom look up field to the parent object (e.g. Account) and click Delete. 

For more information on deleting custom fields, you can use this article: Delete Fields

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